Small E-commerce Marketing Team? MagicGPT got you

Small E-commerce Marketing Team? MagicGPT got you

When you have a one, two or three man marketing team, there is already enough work cut out for everyone.

However, analytics is indispensable because it is how you understand customer behavior.

There are some factors to watch out for when making a choice of e-commerce analytics if you want to get the one best suited for you.

1. Easy to understand

When picking an analytic tool for a small team, one of the most important factors to consider is how easy it is to operate and understand.

Going for an analytics tool that is complex and needs an analyst for interpretation complicates matters and will not let you get the best out of the analytics.

Another close factor is the data visualization. Good visualization allows easy interpretation, presentation, and reporting.

Analytics solutions that allow for visualization and reporting should be preferred to those that are more complex.

2. Pricing

One of the crucial factors you will like to watch out for is the price of your tool. As a small team, you do not want something that is on the high side. 

Some SAAS models are priced per user. It would be nice to get a solution with fixed payment so you don't have to pay for extra users as more members are added to your team or for extra access. 

3. Identify what you want to track

There are several metrics in e-commerce. Keeping track of all of them will be overwhelming. 

The metric you want to track depends on the goal you are trying to accomplish. First determine your goal, then select the corresponding metrics to monitor. Thirdly, go for analytics tools that allow for easy monitoring of such metrics. 

For instance, if you are trying to track customer retention, some of the important metrics to track are customer lifetime value, time between purchases, customer retention rate and churn rate.

4. Integrations

Another important factor to consider is easy integration of your data into other needed tools such as your email tool, your ecommerce platform and others to allow for easy data transfer.

What You get with MagicGPT

1. Simple and actionable insights

MagicGPT gives you simple and actionable insights that you can easily use to drive your marketing decisions. Compared to other tools that provide complex data that a lay marketer cannot understand, MagicGPT is easy to operate and understand.

2. Data visualization

MagicGPT allows for easy visualization. Once you get your response, you can choose the type of visualization you want to have it displayed as. This makes it easy to present to stakeholders as proof to support your marketing decisions.

3. Affordability

MagicGPT starts at $19 per month. It is affordable for most teams.

4. Templates for easy operation

In addition to the fact that MagicGPT is easy to operate, there are recipes in the form of prompts available on the tool for you to get the most out of your data analytics.

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