How to Connect your Shopify Store to Magicbean using a Custom App

How to Connect your Shopify Store to Magicbean using a Custom App

By using a custom app, MagicBean seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, offering AI-powered eCommerce analytics to help grow your business. This integration ensures a smooth and efficient flow of data from Shopify to MagicBean.

1. Create a custom app on Shopify

1.1 Log in to Your Shopify Admin

Navigate to and log into your Shopify admin panel using your store's credentials.

1.2 Create the app

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. Click Develop apps.
  3. Click Create an app.
  4. In the modal window, enter the App name magicbean and select an App developer. The app developer can be the store owner, or any staff or collaborator account with the Develop apps permission.
  5. Click Create app.

2.3 Select API scopes.

  1. Click Configure Admin API scopes under the Overview tab.
  2. Choose the data that magicbean app can access. Please select the following data in order to make Magicbean app working properly.
  • Browsing behavior, read_customer_events
  • Customers, read_customers
  • Discounts, read_discounts
  • Inventory, read_inventory
  • Marketing events, read_marketing_events
  • Orders, read_orders
  • Products, read_products
  • Returns, read_returns
  • Shipping, read_shipping

3. Click Save.

2.4 Install the app and get the API access tokens

  1. Click Install app under the API credentials tab
  2. In the modal window, click Install.
  3. Go to the Admin API access token section and click Reveal token once. Write down or record the Admin API access token somewhere secure so that you can refer to it again. Treat the token like a password. Share the access token only with developers that you trust.
  4. Copy API key
  5. Copy API secret key

3. Connect Shopify in MagicBean

When you log into MagicBean for the first time, you'll be prompted to complete the Shopify configuration to establish a connection with MagicBean.

  1. Shopify store: the name of your unique Shopify store name.
  2. Client ID: input the API key from step 2.
  3. Client Secret: input the API secret from step 2.
  4. Access Token: input the Admin API access token from step 2
  5. Sync Frequency: select 24 hours
  6. Click Connect Congratulations! You've seamlessly linked MagicBean to your Shopify store. Sit back and watch the magic unfold!